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A pleasant story with lessons and a shocking ending.

9:41 am Sunday, 3rd April, 2022

The journey where I learned the most was not a typical one. In fact, quite contrary to the word, this journey would not involve travelling from one place to another, but rather, a young mind changing forever. 

Love at first sight? I have to say I believe in it. Because the moment I got my hands on it, I wanted nothing else. Overwatch was the name of the game. An online competitive 6 versus 6 first person shooter videogame. A more recent transition to PC from console left me at a low skill level when I started playing, but it didn't discourage me. Alone or with friends, I would be clicking and using the WASD keys for hours every day. I can't even remember how much fun it was. But, if it was my choice over some of the other games I enjoyed, I must have been having a blast. And things only got better. Soon enough I found myself in a brand new little community who shared a love for the game. when enough people had joined in we split into 8 teams and a long tournament began! This was an opportunity for us all to grow together by receiving coaching from better players and learning how to play as a team. I can't speak for others, BUT, my team, we definitely had our struggles. sticking so many strangers together? it's bound to cook up something smelly. Slowly we overcame our differences for the sake of competitiveness and remembering we're mainly here for the game. With overcoming that barrier (which, you could never know how much of a difference it made), and with lots of dedication to training and listening to our team coach, we would go to face off against an undefeated team and overcome them, becoming the first victors of this new community. WOW! The fact that the other team was undefeated made that victory so much sweeter. We were the only ones who could beat them. how cool is that!!! It's a nice ending. But even more so when you remember what got you there. For me personally: I quickly realized what a difference it made in my training ethic when I was really intentional about it. - Our coach, or, really, my friend. He didn't teach me this, but, he made me feel valued in a time where I felt like a ghost to my team. unseen, unheard, unappreciated. and maybe those feelings were more intense because it was the first it had ever happened. I don't know how to put it into words, but, I learned something special that day when a word from a friend caused a ray of light to crack through my sorrowed soul. And I want to do that for others.  - Teamwork. WOW! I love working as a team! haha! It can be so difficult at times.. but, I think there's a richer reward that waits for those who pass trials together. 

the next season of the community our team would slowly disband and we would go our separate ways. Our skills quickly passed what the community would allow into their tournaments thus giving us no reason to stay because our goals were to keep going higher. Separately we all climbed the competitive ladder and would achieve rankings placing in the top few percent of players. One of my teammates in particular climbing to the top 500 players even for a season. My journey stopped short though. I was on the climb. I was winning. I was in the zone. Nothing could stop me! well, that's what i thought. Something kicked me in the booty one day after I finished my last competitive game. I wasn't having fun. In the middle of a huge win streak, reaching ranks I'd never have before! I stopped and closed the game the moment I realized I wasn't having fun. Was it a good time? sure. but, it lacked something. The fruits of my labor unfolding right in front of me, and I wasn't satisfied... This would be the end of my Overwatch career. And all, if any, dreams to play games professionally. this is the 4th lesson I learned - videogames were made for fun/entertainment (especially with friends). so, make sure to have some fun ^.^ 

A side note - one of the complications I also faced was that at a certain point I couldn't play the game casually with some of my friends because my rank would put us up against opponents they couldn't compete with. thus, making the game no fun for them, and less fun for me since I had to play alone. 

4:20 am Wednesday, 18th May, 2022


5:15 pm Thursday, 2nd June, 2022

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