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Are you online?

 I love  playing board games 

nice to meet you

Hey there

if any girls women want real relationship so please send me your contact no. and meet me real life for long time relationship safe.. 

hi how are you.. do you want real relationship so please send me your contact no. and meet me real life for long time relationship safe.. 

i am new here

How are you all doing ?

by Walltom at 8:38 am Friday, 8th September, 2017

I am a medico and I need a good and understanding partner

IAM waiting

I'm so not sure how this works


Extreme dog lover

A real chill guy. Not in to bad mouthing women, or hitting, unless asked.  Can make you smile and cry all at the same time.  Really, just a

Last time here, I don't need to look, it's tiring, when you find someone who's not for everyone but your so much a like it's crazy, loyal, h

I am a single independent guy living in Hyderabad seeking a good relationship in the city looking for girl/women for sensible ans sensual re

Where are older ladies in johannesburg.Lets mingle

The animated profile picture is as far from reality as it gets 

oh, and my name is Todd

oh and btw, i'm not interested in moving. my employment is specific to Huntsville Alabama

an active fun loving gentlemen who will always treat you as lady, no games, no drama, always a smile and so will you

I don't need wife for now, I only need fiancé

Hi ladies .....

Thanks for the mail,your contacts please if we can chat.regards


Nice leg 


I love be with Lady

Hii,Girls I am Vaibhav from Shirdi looking a sexy girl for unlimited fun.xxx {send me , Private}


Hii Girls I am from shirdi looking a sexy girl for unlimited fun...xxx


I own my house in the country, I like gardening, camping, and just genarlly being outdoors. I also like being cuddled up with a special pers

It was amazing  day...

Who is your favorite non human ST character?


But I am from India dear 

by roheet at 11:00 pm Saturday, 5th August, 2017

First you send your real photo

Im horny

sunday fun, we are ready...who need male...for fun...

i m from pune  looking female.

I am a mature lady and I am seeking for a mature man, a man who would surely be held an an individual, who will have certain and clear goal

Who wants me to eat them out? x

hey you look hurt i wanna met you

No one is going to response 

"Be real ... I do not want something that is impossible ..." 

To win, you always have to give up something, sacrifice something, and surrender to something, as long as the victory comes .

love and patience is the greatest of all virtue!!!!

When a man makes up his mind to solve any problem he may at first meet with dogged opposition,but if he holds on and keeps on searching he w