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Hello, I am Philomena, I am single searching for a relationship. I am willing to create a tendered relations based upon trust. Not always on here. If you are interested,

At present I m feeling very depressed n lonely.I m not doing well at any front-financial or family.I need a compassionate and emotional friend who gives me solace and encouragement

When th S..t hits the fan, I'll be on my boat in the Gulf of Mexico, fishing, making my own whiskey and beer while they are killing each other on land.

Yes I do remember you. You turned up naked underneath that coat when you last spent an evening at my place...

I really want to be with you but I can't seem to find a way you are so beautiful I just want you to no that your face and you're heart..?

Dear Christine - your gorgeous! where is Shouldham Thorpe?   I live in Sheringham Norfolk by the seaside. I am a imaginative writer.  Kind of shy, been hurt a lot in the past.   Would you like to meet  me?   Bruce

Haven’t dated in very long time so take it easy on me please Made mistakes in life so take easy on me I’m just thankful I’m still pretty ok and decent

Hi you say age has no boundaries I believe that also how you fixed for a meet up I live in burringham near scunthorpe

Looking for someone to spend time with at the beach and on the water! If you have a boat, double brownie points!

I do my best to practice mind emptiness rather than fulness . Started cooking veggies and putting it in a blender and realized I've invented soup . More introspective than outgoing . How's by you ,,

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! To any women out there that are into gaming, I’d love to chat with you!

Hi, Where do you live? Is it by any chance near Clayton where I am relocating to. I am looking for a long term relationship, Cheers, bob

Hey beautiful god its getting harder fine you I wish were together? Fills like half of my heart is ripped out love ya

I’m looking for serious relationship, I want a soulmate and something forever , I don’t found anyone yet 

It’s hard to meet anyone these days I last met someone I’d been dating before Covid broke up we only ever met twice so things are hard for me it’s rather lonely

Hi, seek a long term relationship. Do you what it means to belong to one with no conditions. Are you ready to belong to one, no turning back. Seeking a women who is submissive and likes to please her man. Qualities that I seek in a women are honest, loyal,

Hi Where do you live? Is it anywhere near the Clayton area where I am in the process of relocating to. I am looking for a long term relationship Cheers Bob

Yes I have replied to you before or would it be nice to have met you I've got a lot to offer a young lady that likes nice things and life holiday abroad going out for meals and use at home

Hi I'm looking for a serious relationship. I'm honest, caring, sweet, romantic, loyal, loving, and give nice massages.

Hello I’m new here and I’m looking for something serious with people who’s real and truthful to try something serious with


What a smile 👌

by Tammycookm323 at 7:19 pm Sunday, 12th June, 2022

Hello everyone i want to chat with new people who are easy going and sincerely woman 

Hi, I open 121 and u r always first up - and very welcome - and if it means we are mutually interested, then hooray! But is that the case? Surely not?

hi still trying to understand how this works, I injoy walking or using my cher in park , I miss talking to someone & injoy the day

I just want a good woman , i want to make a woman with heart of gold happy , although a m not an saint what matters most is understanding , trust, being there for each other for better or worse.

Looking for a friend to share the end of my world. Hopefully we can start something special from there.

I showed you the road to my heart. You got hold of it and treated it like a precious piece. The things you do, gladdens my heart and make me wish to spend forever with you. Just like a rose flower, your sweet scent fills my stomach when I’m right next to

Tired of seeing people with no photos, how do they expect to get replies from people if you can't then. 

I’am looking for a Lady to start out as friends & see if we both want it to develop into a close one to one relation. If this interest you, we can talk more.

I'm Clara 6"1 tall with brown eyes and dark brown hair seeking for an handsome man like you and honest,distance is not the problem for me i just need the real girl that will show me love i can move to anywhere to find my real lover.

Hello everyone wo would like to have a chat with me I am only a basic member and i have not upgraded yet 

i owuld love to meet you to talk have fun see if you like me etc you seem like a straightforward honest girl that a good start x



by gracy47 at 1:27 pm Monday, 13th June, 2022

I'm fed up of Gilda,s photo coming on every time I visit this site. I've said hello,no answer so I m not interested.

I would definitely like to make some chatting friends, to ease my loneliness, but I depend financially on my children. 

You better get this man.In a little over a month.I will be off here for good and joined to another singles if I do not find one on here?

hi Birthday Girl i would love to jump out from your birthday cake hows about me and you getting to know each other better?

Well i also live im evans mills ny i am looking for a good women iwo have a good realationship with i do hope two here from you.

I hope to find someone close to have a chat and get to know them and see where things go please pm me 

Appreciate the unique experience of the Party at the Palace in London even if just watching on TV. - A few tears were shed !

I just think I'm ready to get back out there and try again.. it's been a long hard journey... But I still believe

I just think I'm ready to get back out there and try again.. it's been a long hard journey... But I still believe

 hello, i am up for a great conversation, leave me a means to get through you outside here, and i will do just that



by Char1969 at 5:55 am Saturday, 18th June, 2022

No one talk to me every day not interested in me not nice no one want me anymore please help me please sad



by williamhi043 at 4:36 pm Friday, 3rd June, 2022

Hi Gorgeous!  I'm Mark.  I'm not a member anymore, but you're tempting me to come back.  Your smile is absolutely beautiful!

hello, i am up for a great conversation, leave me a means to get through you outside here, and i will do just that

Im lucking for a younger top guy who is up for lots of fun sex together im up for all most evrething you would like to do together 

We may not be the best of what we are... We may not talk often. you may cry without me knowing. But i just want you to know that no matter how difficult things can be, in the long run, you still have me.Take care of yourself and hope hearing from u again.

song of the day  will spend my whole life through Loving you, just loving you Winter, summer, springtime, too Loving you, loving you

I'm currently looking for fun and I love everything about sex and I love all types of women and transgender people and guys 

Hi there  How are you doing?  Nice to meet you Jessica  I Tom lives in Carrickfergus  I will be waiting for your reply back soon xx Thanks 

I went shopping today without wearing a bra and a very thin shirt . Lot's of looks and flirts and one touch



by jeannecau488 at 2:05 am Thursday, 2nd June, 2022



by Jon1944 at 1:07 am Thursday, 2nd June, 2022



by Jon1944 at 1:00 am Thursday, 2nd June, 2022