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Plastic arts, listening to music, doing yoga, social work, walking on the beach, writing poems, cooking Creole food

Reading books, travelling, sports, camping, singing) Therefore, I like to watch different countries and beautiful places..

A military veteran Free to vibe with Sport lover

I love to cook watch movies and game. I can get very competitive but all in all like to have fun.

I love action figures, I like to sit by myself most at times smashing people behind that console

The majority of women judge men by their achievements and financial success. But for me the main man's virtue lies in su..

I like to read books, walk in the rain, do yoga, make paintings of many trees. I love nature and being able to connect w..

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Hard times don’t last but tough people do …keep going no matter what


Going to dinner then spending time with partner liking watching a movie

USMC Semp Corp Arts enthusiast Curvy Badass God’s Favor

My relaxation is often active - swimming, walking, camping. But I will not refuse reading a good book or watching an int..

goth, guitar, gamer, horror writer, lazy, mental disabled, wreck, future and sciences

Hiking, Dancing, Fishing, Cycling, Hunting, Swimming, Gym

I like so many things in this worlds and things that I dislikes are numbered,I dislike men who are cheaters,liars and al..

US Army Veteran Professional Independent Skills Fun-loving

Sports such as competing on a team or in a league, hiking or other exercise. Creative arts, including writing, music, p..

I'm a fun, energetic individual who loves nature, poetry, long walks in forests, history, mythology, love to cook, I fig..

I am a military personnel who's duty is to protect and serve my country

Yesterday, experience, today, experiment, tomorrow, expectation, use your experience in your experiment to achieve your ..

Mysterious and kind but ready to battle for the right thing.

Health and fitness games basketball Gym Tennis highjump

My name is teesa Mathew am from Perth amboy nj am not the best but I want to be the best.

After a tough day at work there’s nothing like shooting up some people in the game world

Am jovial , I like swimming, reading, outing, dancing

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write ..


Volleyball player, enviromental activist, lover of food & travel.

On a journey of self discovery & self-fulfillment. Cliche, I know.