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Any strategy games that is historically accurate gets me hyped.

Animal lover, Cats & Dogs especially. Values close relationships with a variety of things in common and the ability to ..

Just sitting down to a game that can be played all night long is truly amazing.

I really like finding the non-obvious optimal plays. However, that means I struggle in fast paced time sensitive situati..

Fighting games ignited my passion, but I found myself more obsessed to strategy games later. Now I'm back with simple wi..

Im not too great at writing bios and things like that.

Being up front, I try my best to have a stress free life outside of work

In the realm of the digital expanse, thou, the intrepid gamer, art a master of diverse hobbies, akin to a valiant advent..

I love strategy and RPG games, anything with a good story. I love DnD and board games, cosplay, and sci fi/ fantasy.

Exploring options... don't wanna keep doing the same thing expecting different results... So I'm trying something new...

Strategy or any sort of mythology in Games, I will explore places for hours on end if needed

I’m loyal and hardworking did I mention strategic.

Family, friends, music, random humor, astronomy, politics, finding pennies in the street, blowing bubbles, figuring thin..

What makes me happy is working, playing games, and someone to spend my time with.

The main thing that makes me happy is being around people I care about or doing something that requires strategy.

Recently decided to try to make it as a writer. Laid back, but passionate about things that matter to me. I like to thin..

I love strategy and history and play in a few servers related to that along with League of Legends. I usually will just ..

I love playing games and playing outside I'm easy to get along with

Strategy gamer looking for fun and flirtatious people to game with

Huge Star Citizen fan. Numerous other games as well.

I am a Renaissance man. I have many hobbies and will try anything once.

dad like all kinds of strategy games. Like going out to do stuff sometimes but like to plan things out a lil bit first

I like games alot of strategy ones having to think about decisions to succeed laid back looking for someone like that

I'm a Big foodie I Love traveling I'm a Poet Im Accepting Loyal til death I have a big heart and 100s of recipes an..

Life long gamer, will play just about any game out there, preferably shooters,RPGs, n strategy

Fav Game Genres: RTS, Strategy, MMORPG Also love anime and manga of all types

I am a Eagle boy scout and will follow the scout oath and law

I like to Share time doing something that I like or my lady likes and we can be happy together

Sometimes I could be a pretty good artist and even surprise myself by some of the drawings and paintings I can do


I am a pantsless warrior of many talents! And yes... I AM THE WHITE MAGE!