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Recent Survival horror males contacts from USA

Below are all the latest contacts who are interested in Survival horror. Just like you these males site members can't wait to meet someone who shares there interest in Survival horror. This list gets updated regularly and you can visit and browse this page as many times as your heart desires. You can visit each of these USA swingers profiles and check out their adult photos, erotic blog posts and sexy videos.

Talking an joking with friends hunting fishing an music

Interested in sushi, lore, and anything related to horror movies

Graduate Student Pursuing Their Doctorate. My Favorite games are the Resident Evil Franchise (Favorites are RE4 and RE7)..

I love horror and survival type games and also love platformers sometimes. I also like big story driven titles.

I’m a Brooklyn native that is really into gaming, I mostly play RPGs and Survival horror games. I’m not very competitive..

I love horror games and survival. Mix the two and im in love haha. Looking for my player 2 to enjoy game nights with.

I like playing survival games and enjoy listening to what brings joy to others

Survival horror is a little obsession of mine, love Resident evil and Dead Space in particular. As for shooters I like t..

Well for game I like. survival, Puzzle, Horror and Fantasy!

I like kdrama, anime, horror, and fallout, far cry games

Escaping thru the hatch on Dead by Daylight. Finish work on time and just going outside.

Well I play shooters, survival-esk games, horror, RPGs etc

Just checking this out. Big on video games and anime. Love anything survival horror or jrpg

Honestly don't know what to say lol. Well for starters gamer for life always have been since I was 8 years old. Loving d..

Im a Survival horror lover. Also love most exclusive nintendo games

Time to try something new I guess. My most defining trait is that I'm 6'6.

Love survival horror games also third person shooters stealth many more

I love stealth and soulslike games mainly but love DMC and Resident Evil

Kept you waiting huh? I love survival horror, resident evil, silent hill, metal gear, twisted metal are some of my favor..

I enjoy playing survival games, mmos, rpgs, and FPS games. Haven’t played FPS games in a while though.

Fun, caring guy looking for some to play some survival games with such as generation zero and back for blood

I love horror games survival games all kinds of shooting games

Horror games are my favorite, anything where its us against the world is better.

Student gamer who enjoys cooperation as much as competition

A shy guy look for someone to play video games with and possibly more.

I love horror & survival type games like the Forest & others that are similar. I’m a photographer who loves to cook, gam..

I grew up on games like resident evil and call of duty.

I love survival game and mmorpgs. Some.cod zombies on the side and reading

A chill guy who likes to take it easy and have a good time.

Video games are my favorite pass time, I love survival horror or really anything we can play together

I play a lot of different videos games, just interested to meet people lol