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Which is more important a persons body or their face?

by trainerbloke

Obviously this is a superficial question, but let’s pretend that the hypothetical person we’re talking about is actually a robot devoid of any personality.

Okay so back to being shallow 😉

For me it’s face. If a girl has the eyes and the smile then I am sold. She could have the body of a sci-fi..

2:07 pm Wednesday, 31st May, 2017

Using your interests to meet people?

by jenlady

Now I am in my 30s the question that I keep asking myself when it comes to dating is where do I meet people? After some research, a common answer is to do what you enjoy, maybe join some clubs or groups, with the idea that you may meet someone else who shares your interest(s), but if you don't, at..

2:04 pm Tuesday, 30th May, 2017

Anoher Great book

by Larry0071

Anoghter great book to read is What everyman want's in a woman and What everywoman wants is a man.

3:39 am Monday, 16th December, 2002

Love Board

by benazouz

Love Board

Sun is shining more than morning
Love is Lighten and colorful
Happy hearts, merrily, are singing
And the world seems beautiful

May eleventh, birth of assurance
It secures the love, of weakness
Candor is our love insurance
For more Goodness and..

4:25 pm Wednesday, 11th June, 2003

what a shot!!

by savehart

what a shot!!!
means someone's voice when i have a tee shot ^^

5:30 am Friday, 3rd October, 2003

hi i am darryl single guy looking for single female 25to45

by mercury9549

hi i am darryl divall single guy aged37 from surreyi have brown hair eyes wear glasses i live at home with my mum dad i work from home on net i like music 70s 80s all pop music shopping internet i like watching dvds are cds etc i am looking for single female from surrey area with blond brown hair..

1:51 pm Wednesday, 11th December, 2002

Agloco's Goodness!!!

by hacoco

I joined Agloco a few days ago, so basically I am a newcomer. I was in the cybercafe in festac, when jide a friend of mine already with http://AglocoRocks.blogspot.com approached me. He introduced me to Agloco. I am a business person in nature so I understood the excellent concept..

4:56 pm Monday, 25th April, 2005

Hate Not...Be Pro-Something

by Dino1

I have decided not to hate anyone (anything). When we hate someone, we do ourselves a lot of mental, emotional damage. Those we hate do not feel the emotional negative energy that we feel for hating them. In many cases they are out there enjoying themselves and having the time of their lives but..

3:18 am Monday, 11th July, 2005


by loveeyes

tall. 6 feet 1, gsoh, christian, university-educated.

2:01 pm Monday, 4th September, 2006

Here goes nothing

by AllYours1970


I don't know for sure what I'm going to write yet, but I'll just see how things go and what comes tumbling out of my unpredictable mind.

Blancmange! See - that's just the sort of oddness that happens sometimes, usually when I least expect it. It's kind of like having an..

10:33 pm Thursday, 15th March, 2007

omobalogun in action.

by omobalogun

hello good gent,dis is yr mr rite.

11:55 pm Sunday, 24th June, 2007

Hi Everyone

by xyzeeee

Just wanted to say Hi everyone whats poppin?

Get in touch and holla !

1:39 am Sunday, 5th August, 2007

A single woman who loves wearing black tights

by james39uk

Would love to date a woman with a love for wearing tights or stockings..

7:10 pm Tuesday, 28th May, 2013

Hi friends I am new here and looking for friends

by Raj166

Hi I am new near for friendship or make to good friends and I need same one for my long life..

4:28 pm Thursday, 28th November, 2013

im new! send in the requests

by jordan2014

hey everyone, whos gonna add an get to know me then?..

6:09 am Saturday, 8th March, 2014

woman......live life!

by tabbyKenya

its about women.....having come from a cant do to might do and now may do......empowering women to soar higher than the eagles..

4:37 pm Sunday, 1st February, 2015

pratanu banerjee - keyboard teacher in kolkata

by guitarmusic

Pratanu Banerjee teaches synthesizer or keyboard at performing artist society affiliated under srijony bangiya sangeet kala kendra. The classes are held at paikpara, kolkata and at student home in kolkata. Certificate is given at the end of course. Pratanu banerjee is an experienced synthesizer..

3:47 am Sunday, 25th October, 2015

Dating in america2015

by Slyedawgdizzy

Dating these days is like rolling dice u might win or u might crap out..

4:44 pm Tuesday, 15th December, 2015

Singles Dating Site World Wide

by fame263

helping single people world wide to find true love over internet..

2:56 pm Tuesday, 29th March, 2016

L.o.v.e welcome to my life

by Manyati52

I love to lough I like to stay in doors.my voice my country my world all u are welcome fill at home...

3:04 pm Friday, 12th May, 2017


by JOHNTEE1994

"If someone cares about you, you won't ever
have to wonder how they feel, they'll
constantly remind you.If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be
a hundred minus one day so I never have to
live without you."..

11:18 am Wednesday, 22nd March, 2017

Random but sometimes truthful things.

by edwardantonowicz

Talking about random, sometimes truthful things. And some other random thing I want to put in mind...

2:08 am Saturday, 11th February, 2017

sex is power of man every body want to sex

by surya17

I m surya 37 years old
I live in ghazipur at up
I m very honest..

1:28 pm Monday, 2nd January, 2017

michelle's blogs ....

by mich03st

This is where i shall be writing deeply about my self.. my visions and what i expect from the future .. may be relationship wise or other wise... time would tell ....

11:28 pm Friday, 30th December, 2016

enjoy your life in a way you can simply bless your self

by obafemifemi

When you have it spend it, if you have the power do it, if you can make the sacrifices go ahead. . .what I mean is making other people's happy is when you can be happy most...

6:59 pm Sunday, 25th December, 2016