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by rurumba

It's so cold oustide! I wish you could warm me


1:49 pm Monday, 3rd March, 2008

Back To the Drawing Board

by Sassy1026

So the guy I was intersted in, was really not that interested in me. Now I start my search again.....

12:45 am Thursday, 3rd January, 2008

Maybe It's Me...

by Sassy1026

So, I found someone on this site, but I'm pretty sure he's not into me. Can't say anything to him...don't want to ruin what we do have...don't know what to do..

1:11 am Friday, 16th November, 2007


by AllYours1970

Is it just me or does anyone else suspect that some of the women on here are using fake profile pictures? I'm sure I've spotted a few models and movie faces while searching for Miss (or Mrs) Right.

That's a pity really because anyone who's genuinely looking..

5:56 pm Monday, 29th October, 2007

I just don't get it...

by Sassy1026

Okay, so I'm on my neverending search on this site and what is up with all the guys posting pics of themselves with girls hanging on them? Then to make it worse the title of their profile is something like, 'Searching For The Right Girl' or 'Hoping To Meet Someone Serious' Come on!

1:35 am Friday, 28th September, 2007

No changes...

by Sassy1026


1:24 am Wednesday, 6th June, 2007

romantic girl

by sweetmeatty

Today i have romantic mood, lol..

9:01 am Friday, 16th March, 2007