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The Truth is still way out there....

jmberry (Male) from USA, Baton Rouge

Yes, to begin with I am a fan of that show about strange FBI agents and that other British show about a time-traveling madman. But that's not what I am about. I looked and the truth is quite a bit stranger than fiction. It never ceases to amaze me.
I started life as a small child but quickly grew out of that into a much larger child and have remained one ever since. In the course of finding interesting things to meddle in, I have been an engineer, a policeman, an FBI contractor, a salesman and just recently a chef. I went from objective to subjective careers and back again. Being a chef is much harder than I thought. I will soon go back to engineering because at least there you know you have it right instead of it being a matter of opinion. I now have a paper that says I can cook and not burn cornflakes (though I still do on occasions) so I am done with that.
I love cats, British TV, model trains, funny movies and (must I say it?) long quiet walks through the park...well actually I prefer graveyards because the tombstones are interesting and squirrels really aren't. I love to cook and want someone to share good food I make with and maybe play with the trains after dinner while we talk. Yes, multitasking can be fun!
One of my best friends will soon be initiated as a voodoo priestess (a real one!) and I have another I think may be a genie but so far he just smokes and doesn't turn into it. Still another just moved to Colorado to be a guru. So I have a weird group already. As for me, I am the strange one in the bunch.
I want a friend of the opposite sex to get close to and maybe develop something very deep over time. I love to laugh and make people laugh and I am very outgoing. I can discuss almost any subject for a long period and I actually ask if I don't understand so I like conversation a lot.
I would recommend that anyone in my circle have a high threshold of surprise and shock. If strange things aren't happening around me, something is off and I go looking for what it is.
The major things I must have in a friend are a pulse (no zombies please!), the normal number of limbs, features and digits and a few functioning brain cells. The perfect candidate will have a high tolerance of bad jokes and/or humor insurance as an alternative. Almost anything else can be worked out. These requirements can be waved for a shape-shifter or an extraterrestrial being but I would want to see a legal-resident-alien card.
Please contact me if you're interested.

Seeking Female

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Has Blog: The Truth is still way out there.....

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jmberry Personal Details
Gender Male
Age 62
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Other
Height 5ft 7in (170 cm)
Build Athletic
Hair Grey
Drink I will tell you later
Smoke Yes
Location USA, Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Interest See how it goes
Education Post Graduate
Religion Other
Children Yes - not living with me
Marital Status Divorced

Recent status updates
jmberry jmberry
  3:21 pm Sunday, 10th May, 2015

Finally finished with chef school at LSU. Now I can design a kitchen properly and have a nice certificate to hang on the wall that says I can cook.

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jmberry jmberry
  6:05 am Monday, 20th April, 2015

Ending the school year and vacationing for a few weeks before I begin new work. May 8 is the last day!

jmberry jmberry
  6:47 pm Tuesday, 31st March, 2015

Does anyone here have an interest in Djinn?

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