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god has a plan for me are you part it

hencat20 (Male) from UK, Darvel

What can I say about me I'm 56 have two kids at home with me a dog he's my best friend like boxsets long walks in the rain holding hands I can cook and bake one cake not been single since I was young love being in love without love what are we ? your friend Henry ps my kids have took to calling me Hank. I had an haircut let me know if you want to see it thanks for stopping by

Seeking Female

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hencat20 Personal Details
Gender Male
Age 58
Sexuality Straight
Location UK, Scotland: Ayrshire, Darvel
Ethnicity Other
Build Average
Hair Dark brown
Drink Socially
Smoke No
Religion Christian
Children Yes - living with me
Marital Status Widowed

Recent status updates
hencat20 hencat20
  12:51 pm Tuesday, 17th October, 2023

Don't turn around 'Cause you're gonna see my heart breaking Don't turn around I don't want you seeing me cry Just walk away It's tearing me apart that you're leaving I'm letting you go-ooh-oh But I won't let you know

Hello there how are you doing?

by Hopefulmichelle

hencat20 hencat20
  12:29 am Tuesday, 17th October, 2023

(We are young, we are young) We are young (heartache to heartache) Heartache to heartache we stand (we stand) (No promises) no promises, (no demands) no demands (Love is a battlefield) love is a battlefield

hencat20 hencat20
  6:48 pm Sunday, 15th October, 2023

The victims we know so well They shine in your eyes when they kiss and tell Strange places we never see But you're always there like a ghost in my dream

Totally agree 👌

by Christiana2024

hencat20 hencat20
  2:15 pm Friday, 13th October, 2023

Wine, beer and spirits take me down The lights are low, and there's no one else around The waitress sure looks pretty, and that's a bad sign I smile at her, still you're always on my mind

Message me 😘

by Marcela j.

hencat20 hencat20
  1:22 pm Friday, 13th October, 2023

This world has lost its glory Let's start a brand new story now, my love Right now, there'll be no other time And I can show you how, my love

hencat20 hencat20
  12:41 am Friday, 13th October, 2023

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall You say it best when you say nothing at all

Good Morning 🌄

by Ms peaches

Wanna chat?

by Katie@

Thank you for the sweet compliments snd i must say you are looking handsome in your profile and would like know more about you.

by Christiana2024

hencat20 hencat20
  4:16 pm Thursday, 12th October, 2023

Tell me something, girl Are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there something else you're searchin' for?

Im single lady searching for a soulmate to spend the rest of life together

by SophisticatedConnector10

hencat20 hencat20
  8:33 pm Wednesday, 11th October, 2023

If you're lost, you can look and you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waiting Time after time If you're lost, you can look and you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waiting

hencat20 hencat20
  7:10 pm Tuesday, 10th October, 2023

Right from the start You were a thief, you stole my heart And I, your willing victim I let you see the parts of me That weren't all that pretty And with every touch you fixed them

Nice 👍

by Maryland12

Message me 😘

by Carolinah

Hey there, How are you doing good and thanks for those sweet compliments. Hope to hear from you soon.

by Christiana2024

hencat20 hencat20
  4:27 pm Tuesday, 10th October, 2023

I have crossed oceans of time to find you

hencat20 hencat20
  12:33 pm Tuesday, 10th October, 2023

Words don't come easy to me This is the only way For me to say I love you Words don't come easy

hencat20 hencat20
  3:56 pm Monday, 9th October, 2023

We call them fools Who have to dance within the flame Who chance the sorrow and the shame That always comes with getting burned

hencat20 hencat20
  6:04 pm Saturday, 7th October, 2023

Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel Like you are less than, less than fuckin' perfect Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel like you're nothing You're fuckin' perfect to me

Yes please! 👍

by Cynthiadee3

hencat20 hencat20
  2:53 pm Wednesday, 4th October, 2023

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar When I met you I picked you out, I shook up and turned you around Turned you into someone new


by Alicecarinc

hencat20 hencat20
  1:09 pm Friday, 29th September, 2023

the luckiest man who walks on this earth is the one who finds... true love?

Totally agree 👌

by Pearlmiss123

It is not easy to face the whole world alone and life is too short! I'm Gloria, I would love to know you more! Hope to hear from you.

by jjkjjkk

Totally agree 👌

by jjkjjkk

hencat20 hencat20
  4:32 pm Monday, 25th September, 2023

Loneliness is a cloak you wear A deep shade of blue Is always there The sun ain't gonna shine anymore The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky The tears are always cloudin' your eyes When you're without love

Wow 😍😍 Loving this already good to meet you here don’t main chatting

by FearlessTob789

Let’s do something! 😁

by Buzzkizzy

hey how was your day

by MysteriousSpiritual71

Wanna chat?

by FearlessScientist96

hencat20 hencat20
  12:20 pm Monday, 11th September, 2023

Oh take this heart I offer you And never set me free Then you'll be forever young And beautiful to me

Well I think we can talk more. On phone and that’s more private 843-407-3090

by jjon45

hencat20 hencat20
  3:46 pm Wednesday, 6th September, 2023

We have no past, we won't reach back Keep with me forward all through the night And once we start, the meter clicks And it goes running all through the night Until it ends, there is no end


by Sarah

hencat20 hencat20
  3:34 pm Monday, 4th September, 2023

Each morning I get up I die a little Can barely stand on my feet Take a look in the mirror and cry (and cry) Lord, what you're doing to me I have spent all my years in believing you But I just can't get no relief, Lord

Dear Brother.....whats wrong why can't you stand on your feet?

by AgapeL651

hencat20 hencat20
  5:48 pm Sunday, 3rd September, 2023

Don't cry out loudJust keep it inside And learn how to hide your feelingsFly high and proudAnd if you should fallRemember you almost had it allDon't cry out loudJust keep it inside

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by Marsh

Perfect 👌

by Marsh

hencat20 hencat20
  3:32 pm Sunday, 3rd September, 2023

the luckiest man who walks on this earth is the one who finds... true love

hencat20 hencat20
  2:33 pm Friday, 1st September, 2023

cake sponge recipe

hencat20 hencat20
  1:41 pm Thursday, 31st August, 2023

Music was my first love And it will be my last Music of the future And music of the past

hencat20 hencat20
  6:04 pm Wednesday, 30th August, 2023

Every day you try to pick up all the piecesAll the memories, they somehow never leave you Nobody, nobody, nobody sees youNobody, nobody would believe you

hencat20 hencat20
  10:54 pm Tuesday, 29th August, 2023

Well, I'm just a music man Melody's so far my best friend But my words are coming out wrong, and I I reveal my heart to you and Hope that you believe it's true 'cause

hencat20 hencat20
  1:08 pm Tuesday, 29th August, 2023

This is my quest, to follow that star No matter how hopeless, No matter how far To fight for the right Without question or pause To be willing to march into hell For a heavenly cause

hencat20 hencat20
  8:42 pm Sunday, 27th August, 2023

I light a candle to our love In love our problems disappear But all in all, we soon discover That one and one is all we long to hear

hencat20 hencat20
  12:52 pm Sunday, 27th August, 2023

I'll say goodbye to love No-one ever cared if I should live or die Time and time again the chance for love has passed me by And all I know of love is how to live without it I just can't seem to find it

hencat20 hencat20
  11:23 am Sunday, 27th August, 2023

You light the skies up above me A star so bright, you blind me Don't close your eyes Don't fade away

hencat20 hencat20
  3:31 pm Saturday, 26th August, 2023

Someday I'll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemon drops Away above the chimney tops That's where you'll find me

that's really nice to know.. how are you doing

by SexySarah


by JessyDGreat12

Hello dear and how are you doing. Sorry for the later reply. I am new here in the site and I don’t come here often. I will be very happy to know more about you and see what the future holds. I am Anna.

by Lovelylovea411

Totally agree 👌

by Qwen222


by sweetglad

How are you doing ?

by sweetie222

hi there

by sweetie222

Message me 😘

by Amber

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7:37 am Monday, 29th January, 2024

can I have slice?

12:50 pm Wednesday, 28th December, 2022

Hi Hank x